Honey bees are super-important BFF pollinators.
Bees collect and transport pollen to all the plants. Then the plants grow good food for us to eat!

BEE HAPPY! Good times. Good food. Good friends.

Homemade Organic Chilie with Organic Beans  SEASONAL


Honey bees live in bee hives. These buzzing super heroes make three times as much honey as they need so we can have some yummy honey too!
They zoom at a speed of about 15 miles per hour and their wings fly at 200 times per second.
These happy bees can really smell to find the best pollen and plants. Bees have 170 odorant receptors.

Bees also use their sense of smell to communicate with the hive. Honey bees can tell all their friends where the best plants are. They zoom into the hive and do the figure eight then do the 'Waggle Dance' to show the direction and where to go.