Martin Siracusa has a colorful background  and history. "Marty" produced international theatre in Europe in the 1980s then went on to organize large scale festivals and events. Martin Siracusa owned at TV broadcasting company in Los Angeles. He also enginered and constructed transportation equipment for fine art. Marty has transported over two billion dollars worth of the best world class artists for the biggest stars in Hollywood. He personally carried and delivered the Magna Carta with a secret service motorcade. Now he is growing the absolute highest quality organic food possible. No chemical fertilizer. No pesticides. No herbicides. No GMOs. Marty Siracusa is another renaissance man. The combination of Kevin and Marty is the the team you need to say "Let's Party!"

Finger Lakes Renaissance HAPPY BEE Man

Eugenia and Martin Siracusa (below) have nearly two decades of experience growing the best food you can grow. No pesticides. No herbicides. No fertizers. No GMOs. Good food. No chemicals. No cancer.


   Not only does Marty grow the super best food, he also can cook a lot of great dishes!



He's got a magic
green thumb and
cares about bees!
Marty is a super person! A real BFF!

  TomatoMan Farm is the world club of good food!



thermal energy

Eugenia Siracusa and her son Martin built this community farm to explore sustainable living!

Educational 'Tie ins' with S.U.N.Y. colleges and B.O.C.E.S.