Big Barbeques & Race Cars
With A Magic Green Thumb!
A & W Catering is now under the experienced direction of local Finger Lakes entrepreneur, Kevin Alfred. Kevin is a prime time barbecue producer that goes all the way for your party, picnic, or special event.  Kevin Alfred is an engineer. He has built and raced competitive race cars that performed with outstanding results at Oswego Speedway a.k.a. 'The Steel Palace'. He has grown top level organic vegetables and started organic farms in central New York and Paisley, Florida.

A & W Catering serving the Finger Lakes proudly for over 25 years with experience that goes back to Cornell University in the 1970s.

Featuring Orginal Cornell Chicken Recipe!
We can cook 120 chickens and 75 pounds of pork anywhere anytime. Mobile food excellence for the Finger Lakes Region. Hard to beat the A&W quality and price!
Including a special recipe
for tangy roasted pork with
black bean soup and rice!
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Homemade Fittatas with
awesome fresh vegetables.
Fabulous Chili. How you like it.
Hey everybody.
Hi kids. Good food.
Seasonal organic herbs and vegetables including our Purple Basil.
Robert C. Baker was an inventor and professor at Cornell University. Robert Baker invented the chicken nugget and many poultry inventions. He was born in Lansing, New York in the Finger Lakes. He traveled all over the world innovating how people eat and view chicken. He published 290 research papers and founded Cornell's Institute of Food Science in 1970. He also created chicken and turkey hot dogs.
Photo (left) 1973 firedepartment fundraiser. Firemen flipping famous 'Cornell Chicken'. It became the talk and favorite of the New York State Fair. Just add the upstate indigenous 'Salt Potatoes' and the finest corn-on-the-cob anywhere and that's a real barbecue.
Baker's Chicken Coop is a barbecue stand Robert Baker built at the New York State Fair in the 1950s. They cooked 23,000 chickens in ten days then. Still a family business today. Tomatoman supports all Finger Lakes local business.