SUPER HERO TOMATOMAN is The Next Generation!
TOMATOMAN FARM is a worldwide food club. We are here for you. Anybody any age welcome.

Just one blast from his superhuman super power magic green thumb and the good times roll!

Super Heroes
Zoom in from outer space to help TOMATOMAN
save the humans!
Hey everybody it's the
with renaisance guys
Kevin and Marty!



Experienced cooks and experienced organic food growers can do just about anything. Kevin Alfred builds and drives race cars to race on Oswego Speedway. Martin Siracusa owned an Internet TV Broadcast Studio in Los Angeles. Native Finger Lakes people with a wide range of expertise. They both have impressive skill sets and now they are teaming up to bring quality food to the Finger Lakes region. AND! Both zapped by TOMATOMAN and have MONSTER GREEN THUMB MAGIC!
mobile catering w/entertainment flowers & fine wines seeds & gardens & the best super vegetables



Good Food!

The universe expands. Super heroes fly to earth to fight evil doers! BELLA & BUDDY BEEHAPPY join TOMATOMAN to bring good food and joy to humans everwhere. Food must be safe for The Next Generation.

Over here Buddy
the best plants for good
food are this way!
Right behind
you Bella.
Back at the hive
they move in a
figure 8 then 'Waggle Dance' to show
where to go !
TOMATOMAN FARM is the place to go! Good times! Good food! Good friends! GREAT PARTIES! A&W mobile makes regular backyard babecues or a fancy organic feast! Company parties or picnics. Family celebrations. Fund raisers. fun events!
TOMATOMAN FARM also helps 'plan and plant' organic gardens. You can be healthy, save lots of money on food and medical bills, and share more time with your family. TOMATOMAN FARM is the food club anybody can join. LET'S PARTY!


Tomato experts cook up a storm!

Regular backyard barbeque or fancy organic feast. TomatoMan Farm is the good food club for people who want to eat healthy and save money!

Good times! Good food! Good friends!

Holy Tomato Power TOMATOMAN!

Bees zoom with their
wings a-flutter at
200 times per second!



Let's Party!

Anybody grows or cooks good food is my BFF!
That's for sure! And a BFF for kids and families too Bella!