No chemicals

Magic Green Thumb!

No cancer


NO Pesticides NO Herbicides NO Fertilizer NO GMOs

Kay means: rejoice; fun-loving; smart and witty; someone to keep.

organic: relating to or derived from living matter; living, live, animate, biological.
chemical: relating to chemistry; chemical composition; interactions of substances; a prepared compound substance, especially artificially.

  KAY is the perfect BFF for the planet, people & pets!

    From Ohio to Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado to the Florida Outback in Lake Kathryn 

Kay is one of TomatoMan's best pals. She has experience growing food in different climates and is now trying her green thumb in Florida. People who grow organic gardens find the fastest way to wealth and health. GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. Kay has started an Organic Mini-Farm at Lake Kathryn. She will soon have among the healthiest food to eat in Florida. TomatoMan Farm is working to build a program to help anybody start their own mini-farm or garden.

 Save Money $$$

  Save Time! 

  Save Your Family! 

 Help save our planet! Everybody recycle. STUFF thrown away, Kay builds a big farm!

Everybody knows Kay is one of the most thoughtful people around anywhere. She has real life wisdom and shares!
The fastest way to share THE WEALTH & THE HEALTH is to grow your own food. Spend more time with your family and use money for other things instead of chemical food. No chemicals, no cancer.

"Hi Kay"

"Thank you Kay"



Hey everybody! KAY has one of the best Organic Mini-Farms in Florida in the outback of Ocala National Forest. KAY'S place at Lake Kathryn is the result of a lifetime of knowledge about people, nature, organic food and health. Anyone can start a TomatoMan: Home Garden; Community Garden; School Garden; Church Garden  or your very own TomatoMan Mini-Farm. Join the healthy food growers. Eat healthy and SAVE MONEY! NO CHEMICALS NO CANCER!

Grow lots of Flowers everywhere for the butterflies and the bees and FLOWER POWER!

  TomatoMan Farm is a network of people who care about healthy food and life. 


No Chemicals


One magic tomato seed costs 4 cents.

The one plant can give you $235.00 dollars of the best healthy tomatoes to eat!